What a beautiful first chapter to this new series!

In French, the noun "péripatéticienne" is an alternative (nicer?) way to say "prostitute." I had no idea where it came from (nor when I learned it. I probably came across it back when I was a teenager trying to avoid insults.) Reading your article made me dig into it and it now makes a lot more sense!

I used to keep my books as pristine as possible but I loved to dig into dictionaries to understand words I didn't know as a child. I had three different dictionaries (received from my brother) and seeing the differences in the ways to explain them felt like an adventure in itself.

On the rabbit hole feature, your tickled my curiosity too much and I ended up reading up and listening to tons of black midi today. What a beautiful way to push creativity in music to a whole new level.

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Well, you brought back memories of me asking my parents what a word meant and my father always telling me to “Go look it up!” in the massive dictionary that stood on its own stand in our entry.

Now I must admit, when I am reading a printed book, I have the urge to tap the word I don’t know or am curious to learn more about. I pretty much decided not to stop and google those though, as that kind of takes me away from the joy of a book in hand…

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