Thanks for the kind words, Joel.

I had a Chumby too! Actually two of them. I loved them. I set them up to rotate between weather, photos, and interesting webcams. Miss those little pillow screens!

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Isn't the Chumby a sort of limited version of Google Nest Hub? I hadn't heard about it but the description you gave and the pictures I found really remind me of it.

Background music and ambient noise are associations of words I tend to mix. In French "musique d'ambiance" (literally "ambient music") is often what we associate with what you call "background music."

Anyway, I usually turn to background music for most of my activities except in the very early morning when the world around me is still calm. A few years ago, I stopped listening to music/podcasts/etc. while outside of my home. I absolutely loved it. But somehow the habit of listening to music came back. Thanks for the reminder. I should look into this!

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