What is this thing?

Words are tricky. We know them, we use them, but…what are they, really? Volume 4 of Learned explores that question in a weekly, five-minute read that discusses the origins of words, their nuances, and just why we need so many of them.

And why a newsletter?

I used to be a blogger but I was looking for something a little more structured than a standard blog post. I had heard (and subscribed to) several newsletters and really liked the idea of starting my own. I put it off until I came up with a concept I thought would work, and that concept eventually became Learned.

Also, I enjoy getting on the ground floor of things. And when I see a nicely put-together package like Substack, I want to participate. Substack offers an easy way to put out a newsletter and website without a whole lot of effort on my part, which means I can spend more time writing and less time worrying about coding and formatting.

Sounds good. So, who are you again?

I'm Joel. I'm a writer, photographer, and teacher. Nice to meet you.

I like this thing. How can I support it?

First, thank you so much. Second, there are a few ways to support the newsletter (and me, by extension):

1. Subscribe!

Subscribing is the best and easiest way to help out. There are two kinds of subscriptions - free and paid. Both levels receive the newsletter once a week, but paid subscribers are able to leave comments on the website. They will also be able to participate in forums and discussion boards when they go live (someday.)

The paid subscription is $5 a month or you can get the entire year for only $30.

2. Coffee!

If you're not up for subscribing or buying a book, but still want to send a little bit of money my way, use the Kofi link in the "Elsewhere" section and this will let you make a small, one-time donation of however much you want to give.

3. Share!

Give a gift subscription

If you're not into sending money or clicking links, the biggest thing you can do to support the newsletter is to share it on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or wherever else you post stuff. You can also forward the letter to friends or family from your inbox.

Regardless of whether you subscribe, donate, click, or share, I appreciate your interest and support. Thank you!

Give me some more examples?

Sure. Here are a few of my favorite issues so far: